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Prescription Lens Colors Options

At MarvelSpecs, we provide a wide range of lens colors for your glasses. Whether you place a higher priority on functionality or style, we've created a lens color chart to help you find the perfect lens for you. We encourage you to check out our eyewear lens color guide below:


A clear lens is a classic choice. To put it simply, clear lenses highlight your eye color. When your friends and family are looking at your face, they will be naturally drawn to your eye color through your glasses. You will also discover that people will tend to be friendlier to you. This is because people can see your eyes. In other words, it doesn't look like you are trying to hide when you are speaking with someone else.

Along with this, clear lenses are great general-purpose lenses. They can be used in every situation imaginable. Whether you are working in your office or spending some quality time with your children outside, clear lenses can be a functional, aesthetically pleasing choice. Compared to other lens colors, you don't have to constantly take your glasses off and on when you are going indoors and outdoors. It is one less thing to worry about as you go about your busy day.

Finally, another helpful benefit of clear lenses is the fact that they provide you with clearer vision. This is particularly relevant in a wide range of scenarios. You not only have improved vision in shadowed areas, but you will be able to see more clearly when it is raining. Even if your glasses get dirty in their day-to-day use, clear lenses will allow you to see more clearly compared to other lenses. In some situations—especially if you are driving—this decision can have extremely significant consequences.

Clear with Blue Blocker

Clear with blue blocker lenses are a slight derivation from simple clear lenses. Essentially, these lenses block all ultraviolet light of up to 420 nanometers. This light, in the long run, may cause damage to the cornea and lens of our eyes. Along with this, some research shows that this ultraviolet light can lead to wrinkling and premature aging of the skin around the eyes. Clear with blue blocker lenses works to actively combat these short and long-term effects by filtering out this ultraviolet light.

You may want to use clear with blue blocker lenses in several common scenarios. For example, if you spend a significant amount of time outside every day, clear with blue blocker lenses can help—especially if you live in a sunny climate. These lenses can block out ultraviolet light from the sun, which will help you avoid damage to your eyes. In addition, if you work in an office and work on a computer for the majority of the day, clear with blue blocker lenses may also be helpful.

Ultimately, if you foresee yourself in situations where your eyes are experiencing consistent ultraviolet light of up to 420 nanometers, you may want to seriously consider clear with blue blocker lenses. This eye strain-reducing effect can be a game-changer. And along with making you feel more comfortable throughout the day, they can also provide you with a certain style that makes you feel confident and energized. In other words, they give you the best of both worlds—protection and style.

Transition Gray

Transition gray lenses can provide you with a solid degree of protection while eliminating one of the most frustrating issues when wearing glasses. As you may or may not know, transition lenses provide you with protection when you are both indoors and outdoors. When you are indoors, transition lenses are clear. To put it another way, these lenses do not contain any tint. But when you travel outdoors, transition lenses automatically darken. In effect, you are purchasing both eyeglasses and sunglasses by leveraging transition lenses.

These lenses are light intelligent. They can even tell when you are behind a windshield. They offer some of the best eye protection in the marketplace today, as they block UVA, UVB, and blue light—both indoors and outdoors. In other words, transition lenses can be your security blanket. You don't need to worry about whether your lenses are providing the protection you need.

Specifically, transition gray lenses give you the convenience and protection of the transitions technology, along with a cool, sophisticated gray color. Grey transition lenses are great for general purpose use. They reduce eye fatigue and provide true color perception wherever you are. Along with this, gray lenses minimize glare—especially glare from the water.

In sum, with transition gray lenses, you can look stylish while having the confidence that you are protected wherever you go. And again, transition lenses ensure that you don't need to keep two pairs of glasses. Instead, you only need to keep track of one pair as you go about your day.

Transition Brown

Transition brown lenses are a close cousin of transition grey lenses. By purchasing these lenses, you get all of the advantages within the transition lenses family. They include the numerous protections from UVA, UVB, and ultraviolet light, and the ability to only carry one pair of glasses as you go about your day. To put it simply, transition lenses can make life simpler and easier. They can let you focus on the more important parts of your day, rather than wasting mental energy on whether you are protected or whether you misplaced a pair of your glasses.

With that said, transition brown lenses allow you to combine the functionality of transition lenses with an attractive aesthetic. As for brown lenses themselves, they are a terrific choice for variable, everyday conditions. They enhance contrast as well, giving you a better look at what is happening in front of you. Brown lenses also contain a red element, which helps you improve your depth perception.

Transition brown lenses can be used in many different situations. If, for instance, you plan on going golfing in the morning and then working in your home office for the majority of your day, transition brown lenses can provide comprehensive protection—even as you are driving. If you have to be outside for a good part of the day but then go inside for a formal or semi-formal event, transition brown lenses can also help. They are essentially a one-stop-shop for giving you the maximum amount of protection, comfort, and style throughout your day.

Transition Vantage

Transition Vantage lenses are high-quality lenses that are, again, another derivation of traditional transition lenses. Transition Vantage lenses are unique in that they are intelligent lenses that automatically reduce glare when you are outdoors. They do this by detecting and matching the level of glare, meaning that you will not notice glare when you are outside. By reducing glare, you will undoubtedly notice crisper and sharper images when you are outdoors. While you might have been able to identify distant objects with traditional lenses, Transition Vantage lenses will provide you with more detail, regardless of the specific weather conditions.

The variable polarization feature that is inherent within Transition Vantage lenses isn't the only benefit that you can leverage. These lenses also contain the standard protection within other types of transition lenses. For example, Transition Vantage lenses block 100 percent of UV rays. By blocking these UV rays, Transition Vantage lenses can prevent long-term eye damage from occurring in your eyes and the skin around your eyes. These lenses also help protect you from harmful blue light—whether you are indoors or outdoors. This can be a critical benefit if you spend a significant amount of time on your devices throughout your day.

That said, the main benefit is the reduction of glare when you are outdoors. By reducing glare, you will experience noticeably less eye strain and discomfort. This benefit can be substantial—especially if you spend lots of time outdoors. Regardless of the weather conditions, Transition Vantage lenses can increase your comfort levels throughout your day.

Polarized Gray

Polarized gray lenses can offer you a significant number of advantages. First, quite clearly, they are polarized. There are several advantages of polarization. Polarized lenses block light rays that, reflecting off of surfaces, would normally hit and enter your eyes. Instead, the light entering your eyes after passing through the lens has been filtered. This provides several substantial benefits, including reduced glare, reduced eye strain, and better vision. In other words, with polarized lenses, you can see colors and images like you never have before.

With polarized gray lenses, you can take advantage of both polarization and the inherent benefits of gray lenses. Gray lenses are terrific for almost every environment or situation. They can reduce eye strain whether you are in sunny, cloudy, or hazy conditions. They are great if you are spending time playing golf or tennis. They also reduce glare from the water, so they can be a particularly compelling option if you are a fishing or water sports enthusiast.

That said, grey lenses are often best if you are light sensitive. Gray maintains the true color of objects and people in your sight, but it does not provide some of the contrast that is needed in certain situations—like when you are driving your car. It does not provide some of that vital depth perception that you may need. But besides this point, polarized gray lenses can be an extremely attractive option if you spend much time outside. Not only are both functional, but they are good looking.

Polarized Brown

Polarized brown lenses are similar to polarized gray lenses, but they have their unique benefits. To reiterate, the fact that polarized brown lenses are polarized provides some key benefits in and of itself, ranging from reduced eye strain to the protection of your eyes from long-term damage. If you catch yourself wincing when you are looking at your devices indoors or objects outdoors, you may want to seriously consider purchasing polarized lenses.

With those benefits in mind, polarized brown lenses may be for you. The brown color, compared to others, provides some of the best contrast possible. This feature can be immensely valuable when you are driving your car down a highway or quiet road. These brown lenses also contain a red element, which improves your overall depth perception.

With polarized brown lenses, you can see much more clearly when you are playing your favorite sports. These lenses are great if you want to play golf, baseball, tennis, football, soccer, or various water sports. In other words, if you are an athlete who likes to play multiple sports, polarized brown lenses may be best for you. As far as the best weather conditions for polarized brown lenses, they are ideal for sunny or overcast days.

Ultimately, polarized brown lenses are great for general purpose use. They also have anti-fatigue properties, meaning that you will feel less tired from squinting to see objects in your day-to-day life. Along with this, these lenses are dark enough to provide enough overall protection.

Dark Gray

Dark gray lenses are traditional, yet stylish. It is a standard tint for sunglass lenses. They can provide you with a wide range of features and benefits.

Let's start with the look itself. Dark gray lenses are fashion neutral. Put another way, if you want to blend into a crowd, dark gray lenses may be for you. If your goal is to stand out from the crowd or to make a statement, you may want to choose different color lenses. It all depends on your objectives and how you want to appear.

Beyond pure aesthetics, however, dark gray lenses can provide some functional benefits. Dark gray lenses are often a terrific choice if you are light sensitive. If, for instance, you are forced to spend a significant amount of time outside, yet you often feel discomfort, you may want to seriously consider dark gray lenses. They can help mitigate some of the effects of bright light that you experience throughout your day. This is also a helpful benefit if you live in a sunny climate and enjoy playing sports outdoors. Gray lenses will provide you with the protection that you need when you are playing the sport you love.

Along with this, dark gray lenses are some of the most popular lens choices. In all likelihood, you will have little to no trouble finding dark gray lenses for your next pair of glasses. This will give you significant peace of mind if you were to lose your glasses and need to purchase a new pair of dark gray lenses.

Dark Brown

Dark brown lenses can look sleek and sexy whether you are wearing sunglasses or any other pair of glasses. Whether you are outside at a music festival or simply hanging out with your friends and family at your local park, you may want to seriously consider dark brown lenses.

Dark brown lenses can be a great choice in virtually every condition imaginable. They are especially useful on sunny and partly cloudy days. Dark brown lenses are also particularly useful for several common activities. These activities include driving or racing, fishing or other types of water sports, golf, soccer, tennis, and even hunting. If you enjoy one or more of the sports listed above, dark brown lenses may be the best choice for you.

Alternatively, dark brown lenses can help you navigate multiple situations throughout your day. If you want to play a round of golf and then attend a swanky party in the early evening, dark brown lenses can make you look great while protecting you from the sun. They provide both the functional attributes that you may require during the day and the stylish elements that you may desire in certain circumstances.

Finally, their look achieves a happy medium. While you aren't choosing an untraditional, radical lens color, dark brown lenses are different from the traditional gray or dark gray lenses. You can still look formal while showing off your personality and style. This is an underrated benefit that you may appreciate after you purchase dark brown lenses.

American Gray G-15

American Gray G-15 lenses may be perfect for your favorite (or next) pair of sunglasses. These lenses are often seen with aviator sunglasses, but you can use them with other frames. When seeing American Gray G-15 lenses for the first time, you will immediately notice how stylish they are. If you are in a department store or are on the internet and are looking at aviator glasses, you have undoubtedly seen American Gray G-15 lenses. They are a gray-green color that can make you look tough and intimidating.

Besides the aesthetic appeal, American Gray G-15 lenses are great lenses for all-around use. Whether you are at work or play, American Gray G-15 lenses will serve you well. But besides your day-to-day routine, these lenses are effective if you are on the water. If you enjoy fishing or boating, for instance, American Gray G-15 lenses can help. They are also useful if you enjoy skiing or snowboarding. They can help you see moguls, trees, or people that may be in your way.

Those are just some of the functional benefits that you can obtain with American Gray G-15 lenses. Compared to some of the other lens types here, however, American Gray G-15 lenses are some of the most stylish. If your objective is to stand out among your friends or in a crowd, American Gray G-15 lenses can do the job. If you are on the fence, just recognize that these lenses may offer the best mix of style and functionality—whether you are male or female.

Light Gray

Light gray lenses are another attractive choice if you want reliable functionality while staying aesthetically conservative.

Let's start with functionality. Light gray lenses provide a comfortable level of tint that can help you reduce eyestrain. If you have started to experience eye strain because of the sheer amount of time you spend in the sun, light gray lenses can ease some of your eye pain. Along with this, light gray lenses will not distort colors, which may or may not be relevant for you in certain situations. For example, if you need to see a person or an object in its full, true color, light gray lenses may be an attractive option. If you enjoy playing sports outdoors, light grey lenses can be a major help—specifically if you enjoy running or playing tennis.

As for the style, light gray lenses are not earth-shattering. Simply put, they provide a light gray tint for your glasses. Your conversation partners will still be able to see your eyes, but they will not be unobstructed. Light gray lenses can be stylish, however, and can serve you well in both formal and informal situations. Whether you are at work or an outdoor restaurant on a sunny day, light gray lenses can effectively do the job.

One last note: light gray lenses are timeless. They never go out of style. This can give you the comfort that you will not need to purchase new lenses due to old trends going out of style.


Yellow lenses offer a cool, stylish look while also being extremely valuable when you are outdoors. As for the protective benefits, yellow lenses can provide you with greater clarity when you are in fog, haze, or other low-light conditions. Along with this, yellow lenses provide another significant benefit; namely, that they filter out blue light from computer screens and other electronic devices. Blue light can lead to headaches, eye strain, and other physical issues, so you may want to consider yellow lenses to prevent these ailments.

Because of these benefits, you may want to take advantage of yellow lenses if you find yourself in certain circumstances. As just one simple example, yellow lenses can be extremely valuable if you frequently drive at night. This is because yellow lenses are perfectly suited for low-light conditions. While you may see some mild color distortion, yellow lenses can help clear up your vision if you are driving on a dark street at night—especially if it is cloudy or foggy.

Along with night driving, you may want to purchase yellow lenses if you are a sportsman. They are perfect for hunting and shooting. Whether you are hunting during the morning, afternoon, or evening, yellow lenses can help you identify your targets more clearly. Yellow lenses are also valuable if you enjoy skiing or snowboarding, as they increase your visibility when you are on the slopes. Ultimately, if you enjoy one (or several) types of outdoor sports, you will want to seriously consider purchasing yellow lenses.


Orange lenses are an unconventional, yet fun alternative that you can leverage in your day-to-day life. Like some of the other available lenses, orange lenses will certainly make you stand out. In a crowded room, for instance, it will be easy for people to spot you. If you are looking for fashionable lenses, orange lenses may be for you.

But having said this, orange lenses can also serve several functional purposes. Orange lenses can help you see more clearly in situations where there is dull, low light. For example, if you are playing an indoor sport like basketball or racquetball, orange lenses will be able to help you see more clearly. They can be your secret weapon in finding the ball and overcoming your opponent.

When you are outside, orange lenses can also help you when you are hunting. Regardless of the weather conditions, they can help you spot targets in the wild. And as with some of these other colored lenses, orange lenses can help you safely drive on cloudy or foggy days. They highlight people and objects on the road so that you can safely get from point A to point B.

In sum, even though you may think that orange lenses may be an untraditional choice, they may be the best choice for you. Whether you are simply looking for a way to stand out, a functional pair of lenses for your day-to-day life, or both, the purchase of orange lenses may be the way to go.


Light pink lenses may be one of the most fun options on this list. By purchasing light pink lenses, you certainly increase the odds that you will stand out in a crowd. They are aesthetically pleasing and can help you make a statement.

Beyond the sheer looks of light pink lenses, however, they can also provide you with significant levels of protection throughout your day. Light pink lenses can improve your visual depth. If you are having any depth perception problems, light pink lenses may be an attractive option. Along with this, light pink lenses can be a huge factor in reducing eye strain. If you are feeling eye strain or headaches due to fluorescent lights or something else, light pink lenses may be able to help. Compared to other types of lenses on this list, light pink lenses also provide some of the greatest amounts of contrast, which may be useful depending on your needs.

For instance, when you are driving, light pink lenses can help you more clearly see the road and potential obstacles on the road. These lenses can also be helpful if you are an amateur or professional cyclist. When there is low light, your light pink lenses will be better able to notice distant objects on the road.

Ultimately, light pink lenses can be a wise choice—regardless of your needs. While the color may be somewhat untraditional, it can help you stand out. If you are looking for attention, we encourage you to at least consider light pink lenses.